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Motorized stages

Thorlabs' motorized stages include linear translation stages with up to 300 mm of travel, motorized lab jacks for vertical translation,

rotation mounts and stages, goniometers, and high-resolution multi-axis platforms. The linear translation stages are offered in a number of different travel ranges that include as little travel as 1.5 mm.

nPoint specializes in piezo-driven flexure-guided nanopositioners and motion control tools that can be used in various environments, including ultra-high vacuum and military-spec. The use of capacitive feedback ensures outstanding motion linearity and position accuracy while the nPoint C.300 DSP controller provides flexibility in optimizing the response of the nanopositioner in a variety of applications. nPoint’s piezo stages provide X, Z, XY, XYZ and tip-tilt nanomotion control. Our nanopositioning systems are designed for motion critical applications including: nanolithography, atomic force microscopy (AFM), biophysics, and optical focusing.

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