Founded in 1983, ROSH Electroptics has established itself as one of theleading Electro-optic distributor/representative companies in Israel and ISO qualified since 1996. By constantly adapting ourselves to the market we are able to focus our work and bring our customers "State-of-the-art" technologies and products. This allows us to continuously grow together with the Israeli market, thus regularly adding companies and updating our portfolio of products.

Starting with optical components and opto-mechanics, the field of expertise of our Founder and General Manager - Ephraim Rubin, we supply today components and instruments in many fields such as: Laser Diodes, Lasers, Crystals, Laser Safety Equipment, Motion systems, Fiber-Optics Components and Equipment, Lab equipment and vacuum components.

Recently, we have expanded our field of expertise to include microscopy and the bio-technology field. Based on our proven record of success in supplying and equipping the research and development market, we are now making use of our knowledge in physics and optics to initiate a new sales department to address the needs of our customers in these areas.


Rapidly growing, Israel is becoming a significant market for Electro-optics. In addition to the well-known military industry, Israeli companies are growing dominant in fields such as Medical, Printing, Optical-Communication and more. Identifying the potential of the Israeli High-Tech, many international companies such as Intel, Applied Materials and KLA have opened large R&D centers in Israel.

Although our main aim is for the OEM customers, we believe that there is a strong linkage between the universities and the industry. Knowing that this helps achieve our long-term goals, we also put much effort into promoting sales within the universities and research institutes.


As well as being ISO qualified, we are an approved supplier of Applied Materials, The Ministry of Defense, Intel, IAI, ElOp/Elbit and others

Among our customers can be found:

  • El-Op Industries, Elbit Systems
  • Given Imaging
  • Nanonics
  • Synron
  • HP Indigo
  • Orbotech
  • Government of Israel
  • Applied Materials
  • Academic Institutes
  • Rafael
  • PrimeSense
  • Bio-View
  • Lumenis
  • Kodak
  • Israel Aircraft Industries
  • Ministry of Defense
  • ECI Telecom







We will be happy to assist you so please do not hesitate to contact us.