Mon, Sep 22, 2014

Rosh Electroptics is proud to announce of joining Avantes to our family of suppliers.

Avantes is the world leader in the field of spectroscopy. They develop and manufacture spectrometers, light sources, software, fiber optic cables, and accessories. Avantes' products are highly customizable, adaptable to any specific application, and integrated into even the smallest housings. These products therefore find usage in many OEM applications and markets, as well as in the scientific and industrial world. With 20 years of experience, Avantes continues to produce innovative applications in diverse fields including chemical, solar energy, agriculture, gemology, (bio)medical, semiconductor, light measurement and food processing technology.


Sun, Aug 24, 2014
Bright, white light, solid state lamp can now include UV: The NEW SOLA 365 light engines®

Lumencor’s SOLA light engines keep improving and adding new capabilities. Our NEW SOLA SM and SE 365 models make the switch from mercury arc lamps easier than ever.



Bright, white light, solid state lamp can now include UV: The NEW SOLA 365 light engines® Lumencor’s SOLA light engines keep improving and adding new capabilities. Our NEW SOLA SM and SE 365 models make the switch from mercury arc lamps easier than ever. Fluorophores such as DAPI can be efficiently excited using the 365 nm Hg line filter sets you already have. And new applications such as photoactivation of “caged” compounds and ultraviolet-activated polymerization and photosensitization become possible. In all SOLA light engines, an array of visible light sources, operating simultaneously with either a violet or an ultraviolet source, is efficiently combined to generate brilliant white light output. The established SOLA SM and SE II models have violet (~395 nm) sources. The new models contain ultraviolet sources (~365 nm). Why tolerate the limitations of an archaic arc lamp in your microscope when such a reliable and technically superior replacement is within easy reach?



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Thu, Jul 31, 2014
New products from Thorlabs, Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter

Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter

Thorlabs’ Liquid Crystal (LC) Tunable Bandpass Filter incorporates liquid crystal cells sandwiched between polarizing elements, much like Loyt or Solc filters, that are used to quickly change the transmission band within the 420 - 730 nm range (see plot to the bottom right). The KURIOS-WB1 filter tunes continuously over the operating wavelength, providing rapid and vibrationless tuning of the filter's center wavelength. Due to its rapid tuning capabilities, this liquid crystal tunable filter (LCTF) is ideal for applications such as multispectral or hyperspectral imaging (see video below) and is ideal for use with charge-couple devices (CCDs). For instance, using this filter in conjunction with a CCD camera produces images with a much higher accuracy for color representation than using a standard CCD camera with a Bayer mosaic. This technique produces true spectral imaging and can thus show spectral features that would otherwise be impossible to detect.

Thu, Jun 05, 2014

Recognizing that there is a need for a microscope with a modular structure that can be configured to the experiment, rather than the other way around, we set out to develop the new reference standard in multiphoton microscopy. No longer is the microscope body the central feature around which all other aspects are designed—instead, we have chosen to make the primary scanning path the central feature. Add to that a selection of rigid bodies, numerous auxiliary imaging modalities, detectors, motion control, and laser beam control, and you get our Bergamo II Series in vivo multiphoton microscope. The permutations are endless.

Designed to be integrated with your research, the Bergamo II Series can be readily configured or reconfigured to meet a range of imaging requirements from imaging cells to larger animals. Track multiple-labeled specimens with up to four ultrasensitive GaAsP PMTs. Our extended-field-of-view detector modules maximize the collection of the fluorescence signal from in vivo images, even when the fluorescence is scattered through hundreds of microns of tissue. Capture intracellular dynamics at up to 400 frames per second using our advanced resonant scanner technology. Take full advantage of the ever-evolving spectrum of fluorescent proteins with our proprietary extended-wavelength excitation optics

Mon, May 26, 2014
IFLA - International Meeting on Fiber Laser and Applications

Rosh Electroptics together with Thorlabs fiber & Isolator groups are happy to announce participation in the first SPIE confrence that will be held in the Bar Ilan University on the 23-24th of June 2014.

Tue, May 20, 2014
Lumencor new SOLA SM II

Solid State, White Light Excitation Subsystem State of the Art Solid State Lighting for Microscopists and Instrument Manufacturers. The SOLA SM light engine has proven its value in the life science marketplace: it’s the best performing, white light illuminator and the only really sensible alternative to a dated, mercury containing lamp.

Wed, Apr 23, 2014
ZGP Single Crystals from Inrad Optics

ZGP Single Crystals

 Zinc Germanium Phosphide (ZGP) exhibits a large nonlinear coefficient—160 times larger than potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) —making it one of the most efficient nonlinear crystals available. Other properties include:

Optical transparency from 1 to 12 μm, high thermal conductivity High laser damage threshold Tolerance of high average power Stable mechanical properties Phasematching ability over a broad spectral region. Wide operating temperature range from -40° to 180° C.

Tue, Jun 25, 2013
LabSphere - Exclusive Representation

Rosh Electroptics is proud to announce that the LabSphere the international largest company for photometric productshad chosen our company to represnt them exclusive in Israel.

For more information please feel free to conatct us at or by phone at 09-8627401


Tue, Feb 11, 2014
International Congress of Israel Science (ICIS) 12-14th of May

Rosh Electroptics with cooperation with Lab Sphere and Thorlabs will be participanting and exhibiting at the International Congress of Israel Science (ICIS) that will be held at the Dan Panorama Hotel on 12-14th of May 2014

Mon, Feb 10, 2014
Israeli Society for Microscopy (ISM)

Rosh Electroptics together with Lumencor & Raptor Photonics & Thorlabs Imaging department are happy to announce participation in the ISM Israeli Society of Microscopy confrence that will be held in the Weissman institute on the 13-14th of May 2014.